We enjoy having groups visit the museum. To

make your visit easy, we want to share with you a few steps and some

requirements for group tours:

1. Groups with more than 10 people should make a reservation.

2. Call or e-mail us in advance so we can get you booked on the

calendar. The phone number and e-mail address appear elsewhere on this


3. School groups are required to have a student to adult ratio of 10:1.

4. Because the museum is only about 1,100 sq. ft., groups should not exceed 40 people in size.

5. We provide a 20 to 25 minute orientation followed by free time in the museum. Total time required is 45 to 50 minutes.

6. For those interested and with additional time, we offer a selection of films for your viewing. Let us know your interest.

7. There are six interactive elements in the museum. These elements

take some time to operate. Please allow enough time for everyone to


8. Generally, we are busy during the spring with school groups – make your reservations early.